We have collected the very best of the web’s home gardening blogs to share with you. We hope that you can find some great inspiration for your home and any renovating or planting projects you might want to do in the future.


For those who want to experiment in their back yard, this is a great garden blog, showing innovative ideas about how to plant, arrange and get the most from your plants. The blogger uses the site as a personal photo journal, showcasing step-by-step changes he makes and why he chose certain arrangements or plants.


Sally covers all sorts of gardening information on her blog, which includes a ton of very helpful videos that offer instructions and creative ideas you may want to try out in your own garden. The blog also details any upcoming talks that Sally has, which she gives regularly around the UK to her fans and gardening enthusiasts.


This blog is helpfully organized into different kinds of plants, with separate sections for flowering, scented, climbing and shrub plants. It also includes detailed instructions on how to grow vegetables on your own and offers up unique ideas to make your garden stand out. This is a great place to start for those who are just getting into gardening.


On this blog, you can learn all sorts of gardening tips and get some ideas on how to arrange your plants. You can also join the seed club and get seeds in the mail regularly and ethnobotanist articles delivered to your doorstep. The blogger, Emma, is a published ethnobotanist that teaches her readers all about edible plants they can grow themselves.


As the name suggests, this blog covers gardens that aren’t too big or too small, and it is packed full of great ideas from creating garden paths to using your resources in renewable and environmentally friendly ways. It also covers trending topics on the gardening industry, like garden designs that everyone seems to be trying to new laws that affect gardens.


This is a more subdued and simpler blog site than many of these others. It’s stripped-back design allows the blogger to get right to the informational articles without all the distractions and to provide authentic, targeted advice for new and expert gardeners. The photos may not be expertly framed or lit, but the articles give insightful details that will help anyone make the right choices when doing their own gardening.


On the opposite end of the scale, we have this blog which is all about the bright, bold photos, filled with colorful flowers and vibrant landscapes. The focus of this blog is on flowering plants, how to grow them and what you should and should not do to ensure that you get the best results every time.


This site is especially geared toward inexperienced gardeners, with the site split into sections by topic. It offers helpful guides and amusing anecdotes that draw you in, as well as expert advice that keeps readers coming back for more. One of the unique things at this blog is how it teaches you to start growing in the garden and take those plants all the way to the kitchen with recipes and cooking advice.


With this blog, you get more of a tool-oriented look at gardening. It is packed with reviews and articles about hiking, camping and outdoor experiences as well as advice on what to do in your own garden. If you enjoy being outside, then there is something here for you to enjoy.


You get a more impersonal, tutorial-type blog here, with lots of articles on how to do things and less of a focus on personal stories and giveaways. The site is divided by subject to make it easy to find what you are looking for, and we recommend this as a go-to resource when you want to learn how to do anything in your garden, such as composting or planting specific types of foliage.


This educational-themed blog teaches you everything you wanted to know about gardening, with archived lessons and tutorials to help those who feel that their green thumb isn’t as green as it should be. Blogger Keri spends a lot of time talking about how to grow edible plants and how to turn your garden into a source of kitchen ingredients.


This bog is operated by a gardening and landscaping service, and it contains advice straight from the experts on how to care for your garden and how to do a lot of things that the company offers at a price. The blog covers every aspect of lawn and garden care, with beautiful photographs and step-by step instructions for the newbies.

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This massive resource shows you how to deal with pests, how to achieve incredible harvests and how you can make the most of your garden space. It’s more than just garden articles and tutorials, though, as it also includes home decorating tips, landscaping articles and much more, making it a great place to get a wide variety of information.

Final Thoughts

These are some great blogs to get you started on your path to be a gardening expert. Whether you have been gardening all your life and just want some fresh ideas to shake things up or you are thinking about putting a garden in for the first time, there is something in these blogs for you.