Product Description

This is one of the classic Makita devices that made Makita what it is today. This simple looking blue based model is exactly what you need if you are not looking for anything fancy and just want to buy a unit that can serve the purposes. Things cannot get better than this for sure. Now, there are different versions of this unit in the market. There is the 70pc bit set and then there is also a 38 pc bit set that comes with holder. It is completely up to you on which one you think you should go for.

Product Features

Let’s talk about some of the key features of this unit. What does it offer and is it a good idea to go for it or not! Now, obviously, as this is a Makita unit, there are a ton of features that you should find in this one and most of them are valuable too. Though this is a budget friendly option to go for, the features are still good enough for most people and there is very less to complain about the unit. Let’s see what it has stored for us.

The first one would be the 4 pole motor that can deliver up to 480 lbs of torque. Now, 480 is more than enough for most people’s common usage unless you are going to do something super heavy with the unit.

The next would be the 2 speed design. Though you cannot manually set the speed to every single levels like some of the other Makita units, you will easily be able to do a speed setting from the two options available out there. One of them is the regular 0-600 RPM option and then there is another one which varies from 0-1900 RPM. Depending on your needs, you can use either of the settings. Some people think that changing the RPM settings way too much will result into their devices getting damaged. That doesn’t happen on a regular basis so you should not worry about that.

Another interesting feature that you get in this one is the extreme protection technology or XPT. This is a special feature that you get with only a few of the Makita units and this one is one of them. The protection technology ensures that the dust and water resistance is there and you do not have to clean and wash the device after every little usage.


Let’s talk about some of the key FAQs that you should know. These are simple enough questions which are important at the same time!

  • How much is the weight of the drill machine?
    The drill machine weights around 3.4 lbs with the battery. If you are taking out the battery, it weights a lot less. 3.4 lbs is not a small weight to carry but when you think about the product being a cordless drill, the weight is definitely acceptable.