Product Description

The next one that we have in our list is the Makita FD05R1. This is a 12V unit which looks a lot like some of the most common and most successful units of Makita. The performance is up to the mark and the quality is also there to be satisfied. Though this is a combo as per the company statement, you do not really get a lot of stuffs if you think about it. The unit comes with the basic unit only but there are bundle options that you can buy.

Overall, it is a good one compared to the budget of it. You will most definitely not regret buying this one.

Product Features

Now, let’s talk about the features of the product. Being a Makita unit, we can expect to have a good range of features and that is exactly what you get with this one. The price is very minimum if we think about the comparison between the features and the price of the product. Let’s look at some of the key features which will excite you for sure.

The first one being the very common feature of all the Makita units which is the 2 speed design. The 2 speed design in this one has two different RPM settings. One of them is the 0 to 450 unit and then there is another one from 0 to 1700 RPM. You can shift from one setting to another no matter how many times you want. There will be no damages done inside the product which is very comforting. Often we do not play with the options a lot because we think that the unit will get damaged. Hopefully, you will not have that problem with this device.

The 12V max CXT slide battery is a good one to have in the product. The user convenience is the prime feature of this product. The company wanted to make sure that the users are satisfied with the results and that is exactly what is going to happen with this one too.

The maximum torque of the unit would be around 250 lbs which is decent. The hand area of the unit is around 7.16-inch-long which is a very comfortable one to hold and use. It is good to have a unit that is comfortable to use. That’s exactly the experience that you are going to get with this one.


Let’s talk about some of the key questions and answers related to this product which will satisfy most of your queries.

  • Do I get any warranty with this unit?
    Yes, you get a 3 year warranty when you are buying the unit. The 3 year period should be a comfortable entry point and a proof that the company is confident about their unit.
  • What is the battery in terms of Amp?
    The battery is a 2 Amp battery that serves the purposes. It works with a regular 110 outlet.