There are tens of millions of blogs online today and a goodly portion are devoted to the garden. Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the world . Even gardeners with decades of experience can learn much from a good garden blog, so you might imagine the treasures for the novice gardener! One of the latest trends in blogging, on any topic, so we wanted to take a moment to recognize our favorite bloggers.

Mark is a stand up kinda guy working on narrowing down the gap between Gardeners and Foodies. Long-time veggie gardener, keen cook, enthused with photography and blogging.

Home V garden

This home and garden blog is full of useful information for those who want to make their home more cosy and their garden more beautiful. What is great about this website – you can ask questions related to home and garden and the website team answer them real quick. Another thing – there are lots of step by step guides for beginners. Feel free to join it’s forum or social groups for more discussions and gardening friends.

based in Somerset, Sally  Nax has become on of the most inspiring bloggers to follow. It all stated One day, more years ago now than she care to remember, she began growing a few peas and beans in the back garden and the rest is history.

This awesome blog is all about growing flowers, veg, plants, shrubs and all things gardening. Best tips and down to earth advice. The Sunday Gardener’s prides itself on its monthly newsletter which is full of gardening ideas and tips on shrubs and plants in flower.

What started as a hobby soon became a full time passion for Emma Cooper has been smitten with edible and useful plants. She’s never happier than when she’s in her garden, up to her elbows in compost and tangled in twine. from gardening newbie to keen gardener to a passionate plant nerd in record time. Her blog is definitely worth checking out

Meet Alexandra Campbell, an author, journalist and blogger.She started her blog to share tips and inspiration on how to create a gorgeous garden, while saving time and money while following environmentally-conscious and wild-life friendly gardening policies.

Darren Sheriff is truly a Master Gardener, his blog is one of the best sources of information you can find on the web these days. He really seems to love working with other gardeners and plant problem solving.

This gardening blog is about the life and times of an Executive housekeeper, Horticultural consultant and Garden designer to English Country Society, living in the villages of Southern England. Simon hopes you will find it a useful plant reference as well as seeing how and where the English Country Set live and garden

Home Garden Joy began in 2007 as garden writer Jeanne Grunert’s way of chronicling Joy’s journey from stressed-out New York City marketing executive to work from home hobby farmer. She discovered that she loved to teach other people about gardening, and growing and using fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs.

One of the most up to date garden blogs around! The Hayloft plants blog is a super informative platform providing awesome advice, facts and useful information on a wide range of flowers,plants and public gardens.

Ms. Ann, have dedicated most of her life in gardening. This is a subject she enjoys most. Since then, she has committed to developing her own blog to be the best guidance when it comes to taking care of flowers and plants.

Meet Keri,  a native Iowan now living in Orlando, Florida.  She haven’t left her farm life too far behind and most afternoons she can often be found working in her own yard with our two pugs and three chickens following behind (or just trying to get them back in their pen!). Check out Keri’s blog where you will find some good information here for adjusting to the very unique gardening environment. 

One of the veteran blogs here. Fantastic Gardeners has been around for a while, entering the business in 2009, Fantastic Gardeners tackles a wide range of exterior maintenance and design projects with professionalism and expertise. Enjoy your time and read some of the most exciting articles and news from the world of gardening and landscaping.