Best Rear Tine Tillers

Are you about to work on hard clay or rocky soil? Regardless of whether you are breaking new ground or preparing existing patch after winter, buying the best rear tine tillers will definitely make your task easier.

Shopping for the best tine tiller can be overwhelming. This is due to the high number of rear tine tiller brands, types, and designs. Nonetheless, this guide will inform you just about everything that you need to know before buying a rear tine tiller. So With that in mind, we have reviewed the top 10 best rear tine tillers on the market today, in order to help you make an informed decision when purchasing one. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Rear Tine Tillers on the Market Today

Best Value : Southland SRTT96E Rear Tine Tiller

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This is the top product on this list. It is not a coincidence as it comes with advanced features to boost its functionality. The tiller has 196 cc, 4 cycle, OHV engine. With this engine, you can be sure that you will experience quiet and fast tilling operation in your yard or garden. There is a reverse and forward gear drive that you get on this tiller. The gear system is operated by the use of 2 handlebar levers. With out a doubt one of the best rear tine tiller under $1000 on the market today.


  • Warranty- You will enjoy a 2-year warranty after purchasing this product.
  • Adjustable handlebar- The handlebar height of this tiller is adjustable. Therefore, you will use the tiller at a very comfortable position and level. This means that you will rarely suffer from fatigue and discomfort when using this product.
  • Counter-rotating tines-This facilitates the ability of the machine to penetrate deep into hard soil. Therefore, if you want to break new ground, this is the product for you to invest in. The counter-rotating tines also eliminate the need for sharpening the tines.


  • Assembly required- Before using this tiller, you need to assemble it first. This will take some minutes but the assembly process is quick and easy once you follow instructions.


Best Rear Tine Tiller for Home: gardenEarthquake 24598 Rear Tine Tiller

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With the 4 cycle engine that comes with this tiller, you can be sure that you will have a quiet and fast tilling experience. What makes the product a great rear tine tiller is the fact that the machine is stable.

This makes its maneuverability between garden rows easy and effortless. This kind of balance is rare and therefore, makes the product outstanding. Compactness is another great feature of this rear tine tiller. The full-size system is found in a compact frame. which makes it simple to store or transport.


  • Easy to use- You can simply use your hand to operate this great machine. With the single-handed control that it features, using it becomes effortless and it takes less time to have it up and running.
  • Large wheels- This tiller has large in class wheels which offer amazing floatation and traction in tilled land. The wheels also offer incredible maneuverability when the machine is in operation.
  • Heavy duty transmission– This tiller has a gear transmission that is specifically built for endurance. It is made of steel bushings and tapered roller bearings. Additionally, this gear transmission can be put under stress frequently without breaking down.


  • Poor around corners- The tilling width of this machine is too wide for yards or gardens with corners. This is similar to other heavy-duty tillers. Therefore, this product is perfect if your garden is wide with only a few tighter spots.

Husqvarna Counter Rotation Rear Tine Tiller

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Here is another tiller with counter rotating tines as well as high rotational speed. As a result, these features convert tough projects into light work. Furthermore, the machine has easy to start and reliable Briggs & Stratton engine. Its system has both reverse and forward gears to enhance maneuverability around your yard.


  • Warranty– The manufacturer of this product gives 2-year warranty for parts and labor just in case there is any inconvenience.
  • Flawless operation- Are you looking for a tiller that will work in a flawless manner? This is exactly what you need. The machine comes with extra power to boost its flawless operation.
  • Easy to use- You do not need any training to start using this machine. However, in case you need any guidance on anything, there is a manual that comes with the package.


  • Poor customer service- The customer service of this product is poor. In case of any dysfunction, it might take the service a long time to get back to you after contacting them.

Best Quality: tillerBCS Tiller Rear Tine Tiller

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This is a monster machine that is highly efficient. The fact that it is a rear tine tiller makes it easy to steer the machine as compared to front tine tillers. Per wheel revolution, the tines of this machine spin 20 rotations.

This Honda motor offers amazing power. To transport the machine or to put it into reverse, the tines of the tiller should be set into neutral. Additionally, there is a break-up tool that ensures that the tiller does not leave a strip of untilled soil.

Moreover, you can adjust the tillage depths of this machine and you can access the available replacement tines that come with this package.


  • Powerful engine- The engine of this tiller is very powerful. This enables the rear tine tiller to cut through the hard and complicated dirt.
  • Easy to operate- You do not need any special skills to operate this machine. It will start with just a single pull making it really easy to operate.
  • Wide swatch- When using smaller tine tillers, you need multiple passes on the land. However, with the BCS Rear Tine Tiller, you get the ability to take a wide swatch and this needs lesser passes.
  • Lifetime investment- This is a durable machine that serves the user for a prolonged period of time. It will last for many years, making the product worth the investment.


  • This tiller is simple to use, but it is bulky. This hinders its portability due to its heavy weight of over 200 pounds.
  • Once you buy this product, it is delivered when disassembled. This means that you will have to assemble the product before using it. However, the product comes with a manual to guide you through the assembly process.
  • Safety and clutch need greater effort. This means that your left-hand needs to be strong enough to operate the machine.

Troy-Bilt Pro-Line FRT Mid-Size Rear Tine Garden Tiller

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This is one of the best rear tine tillers on the market today. It features forward rotating tines. This greatly helps for premium preparation of garden soil. On top of that, this machine has an adjustable tilling depth of up to 8 inches. It has cast iron transmission which comes with bronze gear drive.

This gives the product superior durability to serve you for a long period of time. This tiller is specifically designed to offer maximum performance. With this machine, the capability of easily tilling through the soil is very high. Starting the tiller is effortless and that is due to its electric start capability.


  • Warranty- This product comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. As a matter of fact, this shows the confidence of the manufacturer in the product.
  • Reliability- The machine has dual element air cleaner and therefore, it does not overheat. There is also a system of sophisticated air intake in this tiller. Additionally, you will find a new carburetor filter and chamber coating.
  • Reduced noise- With this tiller, you will experience a quiet operation as the vibration is reduced. This can be attributed to the precision engineered components in this product.


  • The Troy Bilt garden tiller is very heavy. This makes the machine very bulky for some users as well as some applications.
  • You need to assemble the machine first before using it. This takes time and effort to have it up and running.

 Best Counter Rotating Rear Tine: Husqvarna CRT900L 

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This is a heavy duty tiller that features a Briggs & Stratton engine. One thing that makes the machine stand out is its superior control and balance. It also has counter rotating tines and it is perfect for working on a new ground. The engine that comes with this product has a lot of torque.

This enables the rear tine tiller to till through solid and compact earth. Other features that make this machine outstanding include built-in counterweight. This, as a result, maintains balance and therefore, you will always be in total control when working with it.


  • Forward and reverse gears- You will get a sealed chain gear transmission which features one gear for reverse and the other one for forwarding. Consequently, you enjoy better maneuverability and fast work when the machine moves both forward and backward.
  • Firm control and balance- This product features counterweights on wheels. Therefore, you experience enhanced stability. This, as a result, enhances the safety of the user when the machine is in operation.
  • Perfect for hard gardening tasks- The Husqvarna CRT900L is a unique heavy duty tiller that can handle the toughest tasks as this isn’t always the case with most heavy-duty devices.


  • Doesn’t till deep- In spite of the great power that comes with this Husqvarna tiller, it does not get deep into the soil. The maximum depth of this tiller is about 6 inches.

Troy Bilt Pony ES 250 cc Rear Tine Tiller

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Here is a gas powered rear tine tiller which is highly reliable and has superior durability. This is the kind of tiller that leaves you with an amazing tilling experience. The tiller rotates in a forward direction and features a powerful 250cc gas engine from Briggs & Stratton.


  • Exclusive tine design- This tiller features forward rotating tines design which is patented. This way, it is able to slice, chop and turn the soil.
  • Reliable engine- You will find a Briggs & Stratton engine on this machine. It’s equipped with an 1150 series 250cc engine, which offers top-notch performance and superior durability.
  • Reliable wheels- The wheels of this tiller are equipped with AG tires. They have a diameter of 13 inches. For smooth and sturdy operation, the tires are protected with front bumper.
  • Electric start- Starting the operation of this machine is timeless and effortless with the electric start. Therefore, you will always commence your lawn job with a lot of ease.


  • The electric start feature enhances convenience. However, there are times you can experience glitches and the product fail to respond to the switch.
  • This tiller has a powerful engine. However, there are times when it cannot handle terrains that are tough. In such cases, it gets stuck.

Best Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller: Yard Machines 208ccRear Tine Tiller

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Are you looking for the best rear tine tiller for a medium or small sized garden? Well…. Search no more as the Yard Machine Rear Tine Tiller is specifically designed for this. It tills at a width of 18 inches.

The best thing about this machine is that you can adjust the depth. However, it tills at a maximum depth of 6 inches.


Powering in reverse- With this tiller, you can power in reverse. This implies that to go over an area again, you do not have to go all round to get to the problem area.

Flexibility- This tiller gives you an opportunity to adjust the length of the machine when tilling. This ensures that tilling is convenient for a long time without discomfort.


  • This rear tine tiller weighs 200 pounds. This means that the tiller is very heavy, making portability cumbersome. This inconveniences the user a lot if they have to carry the tiller for long distances.

Poulan Pro Rear Tine Tiller

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Are you wondering how you can convert heavy lawn labor into light work? The Poulan Pro Rear Tine Tiller is designed for just that purpose. It features counter-rotating tines which easily tills new ground that is solid and compact.

The product has powerful LCT OHV engine which enhances efficiency as well as cool operation. Additionally, this heavy-duty machine features chain drive transmission as well as power reverse. This enhances reverse and forward operation.


  • Design- The design that comes with this tiller enhances durability and power. With the design of this machine, the tines can move forward and this simplifies motion in reverse mode.
  • Flexible- You can easily adjust the handle of this tiller because it has adjustable split loops. This makes transportation and tilling more comfortable.


  • At 240 pounds, it is very heavy if you are going to carry it for a long distance. Its portability is, therefore, cumbersome if you need to lift regularly.

Yardmax Compact Front Tine Tiller

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This is a very powerful tiller that cultivates even the most compact and solid ground. Despite being powerful, this tiller is compact. This enables the tiller to simply fit in between garden rows. It also has 1 piece tine shield that is rust resistant. As a result, this boosts the durability of the tiller.

This is because the tines do not corrode after being constantly exposed to water and air. Moreover, this product boasts of a powerful engine which gives it a rapid rotational speed. This product will help you cultivate the toughest soil with up to 11 inches maximum tilling depth.


  • Affordable- As compared to most models on the market today, this one comes with a pocket-friendly price. Its competitive price does not compromise quality and value.
  • Compact design- One thing you will love about this tiller is its compactness. This makes working in between garden rows really easy.
  • User-friendly- This Yardmax Compact Tine Tiller is a highly ergonomic machine. As a matter of fact, this is facilitated by the adjustable handlebars with height controls.


  • It becomes changing to till rocky land with this product. This is because the tines of this tiller tend to jerk or jump on such a surface. Tilling on a ground that has never been tilled before is also hard when using this tiller.

Factors to consider when buying the best rear tine tillers

Basically, selecting the best rear tine tiller depends on your budget. However, there are some pre-purchase considerations that you should bear in mind when buying one. They include the following;

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Cost
  • Refund policy


Just like any other powerful machine, safety is a critical point to consider when purchasing a rear tine tiller. The safety of a rear tine tiller largely depends on how you use it as opposed to the model you select.

Therefore, the most important thing for you to do before buying one is to go through the instructions of use. Analyze the protective clothing and gear recommended by the manufacturer and figure out if they are within reach.


To determine the right performance level of your machine, you need to consider the purpose. Do you need a rear tine tiller for breaking a new ground or for maintaining an already existing garden?

Is it for home use or commercial use? The level of performance varies per machine depending on the purpose of the machine. Below are some of the things that will guide you on picking the perfect machine for the right purpose.

Engine- The engine brands for rear tine tillers are few. They include brands like Stratton, Honda, and Briggs. You will also come across terms like OHV, OHC, and 4-cycle. The 4- cycle engines are also referred to as 4-stroke. They are different from the 2-cycle engines because they are more durable, efficient and quieter.

Overhead Valve (OHV) engines have a great reputation due to their quieter operation, relatively light weight and high efficiency. Overhead Camshaft engines (OHC) on the other hand are specifically made to be highly compact without compromising significant power.

Torque- Something else that determines the performance of a rear tine tiller is the torque. Torque refers to the measure of force in pounds required by a machine in order for it to rotate. Practically, it appears lb/feet. 10 b/ft is actually, very high for rear tine tillers. Rear tine tillers require really high torque because breaking a rough and compact ground requires excess pressure behind the tines.

Gears- One thing that is critical for great performance of a rear tine tiller is gear transmission. This is because the machine has to operate on rocky and uneven terrain. A smooth and durable transmission will extend the lifespan of your tiller.

As a result, you will enjoy enhanced maneuverability. Amazing gear transmissions should be really strong. To enhance this, they should be made using durable materials like bronze gear and cast iron drives.

The best rear tine tillers feature gears that have versatile capability. The gears should also love both forward and backward. Reverse gearboxes give chance for reverse and forward movement. With such a gear system, your rear tine tiller should be highly ergonomic and flexible. As a result, this speeds up the machine, making your work easier.


Tank size- In most cases, rear tine tillers are powered by gas. Therefore, the tank storage is a critical factor to consider when buying one. A tank of three to four gallons is large enough for a rear tine tiller.

This means that you will manage to use the machine for quite a while prior to having the need to refill the tank. Nonetheless, rear tine tillers which feature smaller tank sizes are cheaper. You will, however, have to factor in the inconveniencing need to stop during lengthy chores in order to refill the machine.

Tines- Tines are the parts of a rear tine tiller which do all the work by digging the soil up. Therefore, they are a chief consideration when buying a tiller. Tines of a rear tine tiller are strategically placed at the rear part of the machine.

As a matter of fact, this is the actual fact that differentiates a rear tine tiller from a front tine tiller. When looking at the tines, be informed about the options available in regard to how the tines work on the soil. The normal tines feature forward rotating tines. They rotate in a similar direction as the wheels of the machine.

Such tines are perfect for use when working on soil that isn’t very hard. It is ideal for use on a ground that has been used before. On the other hand, there are the counter-rotating tines. They oppose the wheels and as a result, they come up with deep and powerful digging.

Consequently, this makes such tines perfect for use on land that has never been used before. In regard to actual tine construction, most of the tines are constructed from spring or hardened steel. Additionally, the blades are usually heat treated, making them last longer.


This is one of the major determinants when buying anything. The difference in cost when buying tillers is significant. One of the chief factors that influence price is the measure of power a tiller offers.

Cultivators are usually highly affordable with their price ranging between $100 and $400. Front tine tillers are also relatively affordable, ranging from $300 to $550.

Rear tine tillers, as well as vertical tine tillers, are high-end options that range from $500 to $3,000. With that in mind, tiller type isn’t the only factor that determines the price. Other factors include brand reputation quality.

Here brands that are known to have long-lasting and high-quality models charge more. Furthermore, having multiple rotations of tines presumably maximizes the cost.

Moreover, if you need a tiller for commercial purposes, the one that is energy efficient and time-saving will cost you more.

High-quality rear tine tillers for home use save you the trouble of repairs and replacements, hence saving you money in the long run.

Nonetheless, there is no point for you to spend more money for more performance that you require. Evaluate your needs and determine the best rear tine tiller to match them.

Refund policy

Refund policy depends on the tiller brand that you are buying. It also depends on the seller of the machine. This is why you should be careful before paying for a rear tine tiller.

Once you buy the machine, you will have complied with the terms of the manufacturer or the seller. A rear tine tiller is a complex machine and at times, it might break down not long after buying it.

Or you might actually not be satisfied with the product and in case the manufacturer has a refund policy, you will not suffer any financial loss. Ensure that the terms of purchase are favoring you even after paying for the product.

Any rear tine tiller will not help bring the best from your garden. You need the best rear tine tiller to keep your garden successful and well maintained. The right machine will save you a lot of time as well as effort.

All you need to do is pick the one that matches your purpose. The one that will perfectly work on your garden soil type and one which is durable is the best tiller for you. All the tillers above are of high quality and they feature top-notch performance. Pick the best that represents your taste, need, and budget. All the best!!!

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