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Surface cleaners for pressure washing machines can be very helpful accessories, especially when you are trying to clean concrete. Nothing works better than a powerful surface cleaner. However, not all of them are worth the money you would have to pay for them, and we suggest taking your time and picking the right one for the job. That is why we have put together a guide for buying the right pressure washer surface cleaner, complete with reviews and a list of what to keep in mind when you are shopping for this tool.

What to Consider Before Buying a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

It’s important to know what you are looking for and how you can find the best one before you put down money for anything that is as expensive as a pressure washer surface cleaner. We want to help you save your money and ensure that you only buy a product that is worth the investment. As you shop for the right one for yourself, be sure to consider these following factors:

  • You don’t always want a big one– Having a bigger pressure washer surface cleaner is not always ideal. That’s because how quickly and effectively the surface cleaner does its job depends on the size of the engine you are working with and not the size of the surface cleaner.
  • The reputation– The company making the surface cleaner has a reputation that depends on how well they treat their customers, the kind of quality they put into their products and the price they charge for those products. You should consider the reputation of any company you are going to buy a pressure washer surface cleaner from, as the ones with better reputations tend to produce items with greater value.
  • Price– Not all surface cleaners will be priced affordably and competitively. You can often do better than just going with the price you see first, so take time to look at your options and compare them to get the best deal.
  • The material– You can’t use the same surface cleaner on every material. Older surfaces and porous materials can be damaged more easily, so make sure you have the right tools for each job.
  • Attachments– You need to have the right attachments even for dealing with oil stains, so make certain you know what attachments come with the surface cleaner you are buying or are considering buying.

Product Reviews: Top 5 Best Rated Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

Now that you have an idea of what to look for, it’s time to see a few of the products that we think are worth considering. Hopefully, one of these will be suitable for your budget and your pressure washing needs.

EZ Clean AEZ31023 Surface Cleaner for Quick Connect Pressure Washer

You can use this surface cleaner with any pressure washer that puts out between 2,300 and 3,300 pounds per square inch of pressure. Be sure to look at your pressure washing system you have before you buy this or any other surface cleaner, as you need to match up the power requirements and abilities of the two. It gives you even and quick cleaning, making for efficient work that saves you time and water. It comes with a quick attaching plug connector for fast and easy use.

This weighs less than 5 pounds, so it won’t add much to your pressure washer and should not be difficult to operate with this cleaner attached. It’s also cheaper than a lot of the other options, but it is not as durable. That’s the tradeoff you make when you get a good price on a tool like this, so if you plan to do some industrial grade cleaning, then you will want something else that is built to last longer, but this should suit you fine for most domestic jobs.


  • Cleans evenly.
  • Connects fast and easy.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Not built to last very long.
  • Not made for heavy duty cleaning.

Briggs & Stratton 6328 14-Inch Surface Cleaner for Gas Pressure Washers

This is a very powerful surface cleaner. It uses dual jets to cover a large area quickly and to give you efficient cleaning that’s free from streaks. The cleaner is designed to work with gas pressure washers that go as high as 3,200 PSI. It has a built-in over-spray prevention function that protects some of the more sensitive areas that you may be working near. If you need to ensure that flower beds or any other items need to be kept dry while you work close to them, then this is a great tool for you.

It only weighs about three and a half pounds, so it’s not going to make much difference in weight for you when you attach it to your pressure washer. That ensures a smooth and easy washing session every time. Some of these can be kind of heavy and weigh down your washing system, making work a lot more cumbersome and making it difficult to spray where you want.


  • Makes certain you only wet what you want to.
  • Very efficient cleaning.
  • Powerful cleaning tool.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not very durable.


Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13 Surface Cleaner

Except to pay well over $100 for this surface cleaner. For the price, you do get a durable, high quality cleaner that will last you for a while, but you may not be ready to pay that much for something that you are just using at home occasionally. This is better suited for jobs where you are cleaning a worksite or some other industrial application. Like many of the others we covered here, this connects to your pressure washer fast and easily. You should have no problem setting it up and attaching it, and it works very well, providing even coverage onto flat surfaces. It also includes overspray prevention features that ensures you only spray where you want to spray. While this is one of the better-quality surface cleaners available, the price is going to make many customers reconsider getting it over the other, cheaper options.


  • Very efficient.
  • Incredibly durable.


  • Very expensive.

Karcher T350

This surface cleaner uses two powerful swinging nozzles to clean up to 12 feet at once. It’s very effective for cleaning a large surface area quickly and yet keeping the water where you want it. It’s also quite durable and should last you for a long time, even when used for industrial cleaning purposes. This Karcher cleaner tool has been designed to give you a streak-free cleaning every time, so it is a joy to use and gives you the look you want. You don’t have to use it to solely clean flat floor and ground areas. You can also clean vertical surfaces effectively, thanks to the power and adaptability of this tool.

On the downside, it can be kind of expensive, when compared to other options we have listed here. It is also a bit bulky, weighing in at just under six pounds. There are heavier options for sure, but this is still heavier than the average, and that will make a difference for some people who already struggle to cart around their pressure washing system.


  • Very powerful cleaning tool.
  • Delivers a streak-free finish.


  • Quite costly.
  • A little heavy.

Homelite 15 in. EZ Clean Gas Surface Cleaner

This surface cleaner is a bit more expensive than the other ones we have looked at so far. It cleans more effectively than a regular pressure washer would, though, covering a large area in a short amount of time. This is ideal for large, flat areas. You really only want to use surface cleaners on flat areas, and this is one of the better-quality models we are looking at here.

It’s a very heavy surface cleaner, weighing 18 pounds, so it’s going to be difficult for some people to move around. Take that into consideration as you choose the right cleaner tool for your needs. Not everyone is going to be able to use this one easily. You can use this with gas pressure washers that can achieve up to 3,300 PSI. It uses quick connect technology that makes it fast and easy to hook up to your pressure washing system. In many ways, it is a convenient and easy-to-use surface cleaner, but in others, it is unwieldy and uncomfortable to work with for long periods of time.


  • Very powerful.
  • Connects fast.
  • High quality design.


  • Very heavy and bulky.
  • Kind of expensive.


Now that you have seen our picks for the best in pressure washer surface cleaners, we hope that you are able to find one that suits you and that fits your budget. We presented a wide range of budget options here, but there are others that are of decent quality out there as well, if you want to keep on looking. Make sure to follow the guidelines presented here when looking for a fit tool for you needs, and you won’t be disappointed.