Top 10 Best Milwaukee Cordless Drills and Drivers Kits

With huge powerhouse brands like Dewalt and Black & Decker, brands like Milwaukee are often overlooked. Milwaukee power tools are known to deliver extraordinary quality for both DIYers and professionals who tackle all kinds of projects.

If you’re one of these casual DIYers or professionals looking for a long-lasting, quality power drill/driver set, definitely consider Milwaukee. To make your life easier, we took a look at the top Milwaukee cordless drills and drivers, in both the 12V and 18V drill kits.

Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

This is probably Milkwaukee’s best 18V cordless drill and driver kit. It comes with both a compact drill and a ¼-inch hex impact driver, 2 lithium-ion batteries, charger, belt clip, and carrying case for $200-$300 on Amazon (depending on the package and seller). The cordless drill delivers 400 in-pounds of torque and only weighs 4 lbs. The drill is also equipped with an LED light, which is great for dark working areas. The cordless impact driver delivers up to 1,400 in-pounds of torque, making it capable of handling a very wide range of material. These Milwaukee tools and accessories are also backed with a 5-year warranty.


  • 2-in cordless drill and cordless impact driver set
  • Battery level indicator
  • Enough torque to tackle most surfaces
  • Repels water and shock


  • It’s an 18V drills, so it may be challenged on super-duty surfaces like concrete

Bottom line: A super reliable and long-lasting 18V drill and driver combo kit that’s perfect for both homeowners and professionals like contractors, electricians, and car shop owners.

Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel 2-tool Combo Kit

If you’re in the market for a combo kit like we reviewed in #1, also take a look at the Milwaukee 2897 cordless drill and impact driver set. At $250-$350 on Amazon, this is a bit pricier compared to the cordless tool kits you can get from the competition, but well worth the price. It comes with the 18V corldess drill and 18V impact driver, 2 batteries, a charger, and a hardshell carrying case. Batteries are very long lasting, with users claiming battery life of 8 hours. The drills also have 4 speed settings, compared to the 2 speed settings offered by most competing tools. This gives you a lot more control and make it much easier to avoid things like stripping screws. Users claim that the impact driver in this set is one of the most powerful ones out there, capable of ripping through cement.


  • 2-in-1 18V cordless drill and impact driver
  • Long lasting batteries (8 hours)
  • Very powerful impact driver
  • 4 speed settings


  • Relatively pricey vs. competition
  • Not the highest quality chucks on the cordless drill, but this can be replaced if you need to

Bottom line: A highly durable 18 volt cordless drill and impact driver kits with one of the most powerful impact drivers on the market.

Milwaukee 2697-22 M18 18-Volt 1/2-Inch 2-Tool Combo Kit Includes Charger, Battery (2) and Bag

This is Milwaukee’s most affordable, yet reliable, cordless drill and driver combo kit. It comes with Milkwaukee’s M18 hammer drill and M18 ¼ inch hex impact driver. The cordless hammer drill is equipped with a power-management overload technology, which prevents the drill from overworking and burning out. The hex impact driver features quick-change chuck for easy bit changing on the job.



  • Very affordable 2-for-1, priced between $150-$200 on Amazon
  • Power management overload protection technology prevents tools from burning out
  • Quick-change chuck for easy bit change


  • The LED light on the hammer drill can be placed a little better
  • Batteries are relatively heavy, adding to the weight of the tools

Bottom line: A super affordable cordless drill and impact set capable of tackling a wide range of tasks, even for professionals like electricians and contractors. A true bang for your buck.

Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 1/4″ Hex Imp

Are you just looking for a bare, powerful hex impact driver? Look no further, because this is one of the most affordable and powerful ones out there. This 18V impact driver can deliver torque of up to 2,200 in-pounds, which is enough to drive through concrete. The small size of the impact driver makes it very easy to handle its power in tight spaces. It comes equipped with an LED light for dark working environments as well. And as with almost every Milwaukee tools, users rave about its durability.


  • 2,200 in-pounds of torque is enough to even drive through concrete
  • Light and compact, so it’s easy to handle in tight spaces
  • Absorbs shock and protect against outside forces


  • Only one speed setting

Bottom line: A great reliable and affordable 18V impact driver. At only $50, this is great to keep in the garage whether you are a homeowner with fixes around the house or a professional who needs the tools for everyday use.

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver (Bare Tool)-Peak Torque = 1,200

The Milwaukee 18-volt FUEL hammer drills are beasts. If you’re searching for a new powerful hammer drill for your garage or tool belt, definitely consider this. This 18V cordless drill is one of the most powerful offered by any brand on the market, with a brushless motor that delivers up to 1,200 in-lbs of torque! Users claim it will drill through concrete, so if you’re a homeowner with maintenance and repair projects or a professional with more heavy-duty work, this cordless power drill will definitely do the job. This specific Amazon listing is a bare drill, so it does not come with any accessories or batteries. You can currently purchase this for $120-$170.


  • 1,200 in-lbs of torque makes it one of the most powerful cordless hammer drills on the market.
  • Long-lasting battery life (about 5 hours)
  • Small and compact


  • Bare tool only – no accessories, batteries, or charger
  • Relatively pricey of a bare tool 18V cordless drill, but well worth the price due to its power and durability.

Bottom line: Look no further if you are in the market for a bare professional grade cordless drill to add to your existing tool collection.

Milwaukee 2695-24 M18 Cordless Combo Compact Hammer Drill/Hackzall/1/4 Hex Impact Driver/Work Light/Charger/2 Battery

Want the biggest bang for your buck? This 18V Milwaukee power tool combo features a cordless hammer drill, one-handed reciprocating saw, hex impact driver, and work light! The package also comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries, a charger, and carrying case. Everything you need for your jobs in one package, for $300-$350 on Amazon.


  • Bang for your buck with 4 tools in 1 package
  • Battery charger charges batteries in only one hour
  • Powerful enough for most surfaces and job types


  • Not brushless motors like the FUEL series, so batteries tend to last less
  • These tools are not built for super heavy-duty construction work

Bottom line: An all-in-one, complete tool set for professionals like electricians and handymen looking for a shiny new set of cordless power tools.

Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18 Fuel Brushless 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver 18v 4.0aH

Another drill from Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL series, this is also a powerful do-it-all cordless power drill. This tool is equipped with a brushless motor that offers up to 725 in-lbs of torque, so it’s capable of tackling just about every job at home, in the garage, or out in the field. Milwaukee included its state-of-the-art technology in this cordless drill. It equipped it with its REDLINK PLUS technology that optimizes performance by communicating energy use between the drill, batteries, and the charger. This way your drill does not get overworked and lasts a whole lot longer than the competition.


  • Brushless motor that delivers up to 725 in-lbs of torque
  • Comes with 2 4.0Ah lithium-ion batteries, a charger, and a bag
  • REDLINK PLUS technology optimized energy use and ensures long lifetime of the tool


  • Relatively expensive vs. the competition, but just like other tools we reviewed, its well-worth the price. Better to invest on one reliable drill for the next 5 years than pay up for multiple drills that will last less than a year each.

Bottom line: While it is on the pricier side, this is a very high quality 18V cordless drill. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art tech that optimized performance and energy use, so you know you’re investing in a reliable, long-lasting power tool.

Milwaukee 2606-22CT M18 1/2″ Drill Driver CP Kit

This is a very durable 18V cordless drill that’s ideal for keeping in your garage for everyday fixes, maintenance, and projects. It’s strong enough to tackle just about every household and garage project from hanging drywall to assembling furniture. It has a brushed motor, which while slightly weaker that brushless motors, is much lighter and makes the tool much more compact and a lot easier to handle. As with the other Milwaukee M18 cordless drills, it’s equipped with REDLINK technology that ensures the motor does not overwork. This makes for a long-lasting tool that will last you a few good, productive years.


  • Super lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle
  • Batteries charge in only 30 minutes
  • Very affordable


  • The motor is a brushed motor, so it’s a little less powerful than the brushless motors on the FUEL series
  • Not ideal for super heavy duty jobs

Bottom line: This is a great do-it-all home improvement drill, as well as a reliable drill for garages and shops. While not the most powerful, it still has Milwaukee’s unmatched durability and lifespace.

12V Milwaukee Cordless Drill and Driver kits:

Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 3/8 Drill Driver Kit

This is the best 12V cordless drill driver that Milwaukee offers, and arguably on the best one on the market. This cordless drill delivers up to 275 in-lbs of power. While seemingly low compared to the 18V drills up top, that’s enough to tackle just about every basic home repair and maintenance job from hanging frames to assembling furniture. It’s equipped with some neat features like a battery level gauge and a metal ratcheting chuck for added durability. This drill kit can currently be purchased for $100-$130 on Amazon for the drill with 2 batteries, a charger, and a case.


  • Ultra compact and easy to handle in tight spaces
  • On-board battery level gauge
  • Metal ratcheting chuck makes this drill highly durable


  • Batteries last approximately 1.5 hours – enough for quicker fixes and projects, but not ideal for professionals who use drills all day

Bottom line: A rugged 12V drill driver that’s perfect for light to medium duty maintenance and improvement projects.

Milwaukee 2494-22 M12 Cordless Combo Drill Kit, 2 Battery

If you’re looking for a lighter-duty drill and impact driver combo kit to keep around the house for everyday fixes and maintenance, check out this package. These are actually considered professional grade 12V drills and impact drivers, so if you’re a handyman or contractor who spends most of their day tackling light to medium-duty drill work, these tools are perfect. It’s super compact so it also makes for a comfortable addition to your tool belt. The drill driver delivers up to 275 in-lbs of torque, while the impact driver delivers a best-in-class 850 in-lbs.


  • Very compact professional-grade 12V cordless tools
  • Great as a light to medium-duty go-to drill for your toolbelt
  • Impact driver delivers best-in-class torque (850 in-lbs)


  • Not powerful enough for heavy-duty construction work and material

Bottom line: A very reliable and affordable cordless drill and impact driver combo kit that’s great for both homeowners and professionals looking for a go-to drill for light to medium duty fixes.

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