Product Description

Let’s talk about the Makita XFD10R in this article. This is a quality lithium ion unit from Makita and this cordless model serves the purposes pretty well. This is again a driver and drill kit which means that you get a combo here as well. Now, there are three different versions that you can go for.
There is the 26pc bit set, there is the 70pc bit set and then there is the driver drill. One of them comes with the holder too so if you are interested in the holder, you can go with that one too.

Product Features

Now, let’s talk about the features of this unit. What does it offer when it comes to the features and is it really worth it or not?

The first thing that we will talk about here is the torque of the product. The maximum torque that you get with this one is 480 in lbs which is not bad for sure. The product is priced a bit more than the regular Makita ones out there. This is not a premium priced unit but you can call it a better priced than most out there.

The 2 speed transmission system is here as well like it is there in almost all Makita products. The RPM will have two settings one being the 0-600 unit and then there is the 0-1900 option that you can also use.

The XPT (extreme protection technology) will ensure that you do not have to worry about things like dust and water. Water resistance is something that you do not get with all the devices around but it is very important to have that. Water resistance will ensure that you can use water whenever you are drilling and you can use water to keep the dust away and keep the surface clean too.

The unit itself is dust protected but the main feature is in the outer side of things. The dual LED light is there though again, you should not start drilling with that light. That light is not enough for any drilling purposes and should only be used as an additional benefit for the users.

Overall, this is an unit that serves the purposes. It doesn’t have anything to wow you and at the same time, it will not make you sad either.


Let’s have a look at some of the quick FAQs of the unit that you should know about. These are common FAQs that will help you take that final decision.

  • Will the batteries get finished even if I don’t use the drill for long periods?
    Not really. It would have happened if this was a regular battery but as this is a lithium unit, you do not have that problem to worry about with this one for sure.
  • What is the voltage range of this one?This unit works in the 110v but you can use converter and make it work with anything.