Best Drill Bit Sets

Whether you’re a full-time, heavy duty contractor or a do-it-yourself weekend warrior, a drill bits are an essential tool to keep in your tool shed. From assembling furniture to building outdoor decks, here are the best drill bits sets to tackle any project. We will cover a range of different types of drill bits, so you can find the best one to fit your need.

So with that in mind, went out and did 26 hours of research to select our list of the top 5 best drill bit sets on the market today.

Best Overall- DEWALT DW1361

The first drill bit set on our list is Dewalt DW1361 21-piece set. All drill bits included in the set are extremely durable thanks to their titanium pilot points. The tip of every bit starts on contact so you won’t have to worry about putting more effort into making cleaner holes. Tapered web contributes to the long lifetime of drill bits, making them very efficient in drilling into wood and plastic. Every bit features no spin shanks. The set includes bits from 1/16 inches to ½ inches. DW1361 is covered by 3-year limited warranty.



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  • Titanium pilot points ensure high durability of every drill bit.
  • More clear holes thanks to the tips starting on contact.
  • Tapered web for even more lifetime.
  • 21 drill bits from 1/16 inches to ½ inches.
  • 3-year limited warranty.


  • The bits will wear severely if used on ferrous metals.
  • The shanks of differently sized bits are not the same, which might make some of them incompatible with the chuck of your drill.

Best Drill Bits For Wood- Makita B-31893 

The next set on our list features 21 drill bits with extended durability and up to 10x more lifetime compared to standard sets. The bits are capable of withstanding high-torque screw driving and fastening applications. High-quality steel ensures the high durability of each bit. Precise tips minimize cam-out so you won’t damage your screws, bolts, or the bit itself. The set features a magnetic bit holder which magnetizes the bit after the latter is attached to it. Besides, it is compatible with most driver chucks. The set comes with a slide and lock storage case for secure and convenient bit storage.

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  • Steel driver bits with up to 10x more lifetime than regular bits.
  • Bits withstand high-torque screw driving and fastening.
  • Precision-fit tips to eliminate cam-out and keep your screws and drill bits safe.
  • Magnetic bit holder to precisely set your screws in place before fastening.
  • Bit holder lets the driver bits be used with a variety of chucks.
  • Convenient slide-and-lock case for secure storage of the bits.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • The set isn’t shipped internationally on Amazon.
  • The bits are quite short, so it might be uncomfortable to use them without the bit holder.
  • No flat-head bits in the kit.

Best Drill bits For Still & Metal- Bosch MS4091

The MS4091 by Bosch features a wide variety of bits for any application. Bits in the kit have high durability for masonry and stonework drilling, drilling, screw driving, nut driving, starting precise holes, and more. Besides, the set includes a countersink, a double-ended screwdriver, and a 25-1/2-inch magnetic extension pen. The kit comes with a tough and durable case to keep your bits secure and allow its easy transport.

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  • A variety of general application bits for drilling, driving, masonry drilling, and even more.
  • High-quality materials for increased durability.
  • You can use the screwdriver of the kit if you don’t have one.
  • Besides the bits and screwdriver, the set includes a countersink and magnetic extension pen.
  • Tough case for safe storage and comfortable transportation.


  • The kit doesn’t include bits for more specific applications.

Best Drill Bit Set For Stainless Steel- Milwaukee 48-89-1105

The last bit set on our list features 20 drill bits for a variety of drilling applications. Titanium coating allows the bits to withstand high temperatures, increases their durability, and reduces friction. The 135-degree split points allow drilling into harder surfaces. Starting from 13/64-inch bits, the bits feature 3-flat no-spit shanks. These drill bits are convenient to use and reduce walking thanks to their self-starting and self-centering features. The size of the bits included in the kit is 1/16 to ½ inches.

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  • 20 durable drill bits for a variety of drilling tasks.
  • Titanium coating ensures that the bits withstand high temperatures, have a long lifetime, and are subject to reduced friction.
  • Easy drilling into hard surfaces thanks to bits’ 135-degree split points.
  • Self-centering and self-starting for reduced walking.


  • The case of the kit is plastic and doesn’t feature secure holders for safe bit storage.

Best Cobalt Drill Bits- Hitachi 115293 

Hitachi has also made a name for itself in the cordless drill market and their drill bit set definitely lives up to our expectations.  The Hitachi 115293 includes hot cold hardened  steel tempered bits in addition to the drill and driver bits, giving you better usage options. It comes with a thirty-day customer satisfaction guarantee, so make sure you can try them out, and if they aren’t up to your standards, you can always return them.

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  • CNC machined for exact fit in fastener head
  • Manufactured using top quality steel
  • Extremely durable
  • Comes with a compact and comfy storage case


  • It could a little tough getting the bits out

Types of Drill Bits

Before you buy drill bits, you must identify which surfaces you want to drill. This will save you lots of time and effort in deciding which drill bit set to get. The types of bits you can select depending on your need are:

  • Masonry Drill Bits: These have a gently sloping tip that characterizes this type. Sometimes it is carbide-coated, helping to prolong its sharpness. Masonry bits can drill stones and cinder blocks and are also suitable for some kinds of tile.
  • Metal Drill Bits: The wide-angled point of this type of bit makes these bits very recognizable. If you buy these types of bits at a store, make sure it is labeled with “High-Speed Steel” (HSS). HSS metal drill bits are very versatile and can drill many types of materials. Titanium-coated metal drill bits are usually more expensive than other non-coated similar types. Sometimes these metal bits contain cobalt, making it more expensive. For drilling metal surfaces, you will usually need high-speed steel.

Wood Drill Bits: Take a closer look at these bits. You will notice a small spur at the very end, enabling it to carve and grab wood easily. If you want to get wood-drilling bits with higher durability, choose the titanium-coated ones, which are more expensive, but will last longer.

Different Types of Drill Bit Materials:

  • Diamond drill bits: Diamond? Yes. Diamond is very tough. Therefore, diamond-made bits can be used for drilling the hardest materials. However, keep your diamond bits in a cool place because heat will ruin their quality. Diamond drill bits are commonly used for airline and automotive sectors, in any environment where very tough materials need drilling.
  • Low Carbon Steel Drill Bits: This is the most common and the cheapest found at stores. The material works only on soft wood, plastics, and so on. It can’t cut hard materials. Low carbon steel needs to be sharpened quite often.
  • High Carbon Steel Drill Bits: Bits made of this material can cut the hardest wood and metals. Also, high carbon steel needs less maintenance and can work longer and more efficiently than low carbon steel bits.
  • High-Speed Steel: You can find bits made of HSS at stores, including shops serving professionals. Most people love this material due to its water and heat resistance. These types of a bits can work mostly for metal and wood jobs. They can do many types of drilling activities.
  • Titanium Nitride Coating (TiN): Titanium protects the bit from corrosion and is considerably light compared to its strength. It is suitable for long-time use, thanks to its longevity and good heat resistance. It is a very versatile coating that can drill any types of surfaces such as plastics, woods and even steels and irons.
  • Black Oxide Coating: Like titanium, Black Oxide is also corrosion resistant. This coating works well with steel, nylon, copper, and iron as well as composite materials. However, it is not suitable for materials such as magnesium, aluminum and some other metals.
  • Cobalt Drill Bit Coating: Mainly used for HSS drill bits and aids in drilling materials HSS can’t drill such as stainless steel. It can withstand extremely high temperature and therefore can facilitate HSS to drill surfaces it normally couldn’t drill. However, cobalt-coated bits are brittle.
  • Zirconium Coating: Not commonly used for coating drill bits. Zirconium-coated bits can function as good as other materials. This coating helps boost strength when it comes to drilling materials such as hard steel. Moreover, it can work well in high temperature.
  • Bronze Oxide Coating: This coating boosts heat resistance as well and is used to coat higher level high-speed steel bits.

Still not sure? Check out the FAQs 

How do I know what bits should I use for a specific task?

Every bit has its own purpose. Generally, there are brad point bits, nut setters, driver bits, masonry bits, and regular drill bits. Brad point bits are used for starting precise holes before moving onto your primary bits. Nut setters are capable of fastening and taking off nuts.

Driver bits are used to fasten different types of screws, but you shouldn’t use, for example, flat-head bits to drive Phillips screws. Masonry bits, as the name implies, are designed for drilling in masonry and stonework. Regular drill bits are used to drill in such softer materials as wood or metal plastic. You shouldn’t try using one type of bits to execute tasks for others.

Can I use regular drill bits for drilling in masonry?

No, you shouldn’t try that to do that. Bits for regular drilling are not designed for masonry and stonework drilling. Masonry bits have tips designed for cutting into masonry with more ease. If you try to drill into masonry with regular drill bits and drill, you will probably damage either the bit or the tool or even both. So don’t try experimenting and always pick the right tool for your applications.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this review made things easier for you. Now, we’ll recap for it to become more clear. First, account for the tool you have on hand right now. You will have to get masonry drill bits for your impact hammer, driver bits for your impact driver, nut driver bits for impact wrenches, and so on.

Generally, you should look at the specifications of your tool and bits to know if they are compatible with each other. Then, look into your needs to understand what bits you need specifically.

For instance, you might need the most general set including every type of bits to have just in case or if you are not planning to do specific works. Otherwise, base your choice on your needs exactly. By now, you should already know what you need to make your final selection. Remember, it is about your tool and your needs. Good luck!



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