DEWALT DCD791D2 Brushless Drill Driver Review

DEWALT is well known for manufacturing some of the best tools for a wide range of fixing and construction activities. We all know that no matter how many brands show up, DEWALT will always be one of the leading names. So, if you are looking for a beast that can drill even the hardest materials and surfaces, then The DEWALT DCD791D2 is may be a wise choice. As one of the best cordless drills out there, this machine will not only make your job easy peasy, but it will work for longer hours as well. The manufacturer designed this drill in such a manner, so that it will perform way faster than many other drills. So, without further ado, here is a detailed review of the  DEWALT DCD791D2 Brushless Drill Driver.


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The first thing to note in favor of this tool is it’s weight. With 3.4 pounds, the drill is quite lightweight and therefore it will be easy for you to operate. At 6.9 inches from front to back, this product is very handy and small enough to grab easily in your hand. Furthermore, you will find the center of gravity right above its grip so that it stays balanced while you are working. So gone are the days when you had to put a lot of effort on a pistol grip drill that is hard to operate and feels unbalanced. The smaller grip and good balance offer a great combination that makes it stand out compared to many other products.


Another notable feature this drill has to offer is that it has a brushless motor which makes it more power efficient. A brushless motor will run double the amount of time on a single charge, and yes will run cooler and and smoother compared to an ordinary brushed motor. The drill features two-speed transmission settings which make your drilling speed more flexible. Low speed will run up to 550 RPM whereas high speed will run up to 2000 RPM, versatile enough to get a wide range of jobs done.

General Performance

With a 0.5-inch ratcheting chuck which is all metal and very well-made, the drill bit is not only gripped firmly but also very easy to clutch tightly. Working in a dim lighted space will be a cinch, as there are three LED lights to guide your grip. With an adjustable torque setting and the great brushless motor, you will find a tool that has an outstanding performance and battery life. The DCD791D2 comes with 2.0 Ah XR Li-Ion battery packs, Charger, Kit Box, and a nice belt hook, so carrying it around will be a non – issue.

Some of the drill’s great features in a nutshell:

  • DEWALT brushless motor will deliver almost 60% more run time compared to other drills in it’s weight, size and power category.
  • 6.9-inch front to back drill with just 3.4 pounds of weight.
  • 2-speed transmission settings range from 550 RPM for the low setting and 2000 RPM for the high setting.
  • 0.5-inch chuck size made out of high quality metal.
  • 2.0 Ah XR Li-Ion battery for long lasting operating time.

What We Liked:

  • Heavy duty, high quality metal chuck.
  • LED light is super-useful.
  • Lightweight and compact, portable and easy to handle.
  • Brushless motor – smooth and power efficient operation.
  • Battery life is outstanding.

What We didn’t Like:

  • The drill bit must be carefully placed in the chuck before fastening, otherwise it can fall out during drilling. Just pay extra attention upon fastening it, and you’ll be fine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can any 20V batteries fit into this drill?

-Yes, all 20v batteries will fit into it. Even though, it is advised to use the batteries supplied with the drill.

  • How long will the battery take to charge fully?

-It will take about an hour to charge the battery. A light indicator will blink after it’s done charging.

  • Is the drill quiet?

-The drill makes standard noise. Not to loud, but not the quietest drill out there either.

  • Will battery life decrease due to excessive charging?

-No. The charger will stop charging after it’s fully charged, so there’s no issue with leaving the battery inside the charger for a while.

  • What is the size of the chuck?

-It is 0.5-inches.

  • What is the material used on the chuck?

-High quality, heavy duty metal.

  • How many batteries are needed to run the drill?

-The drill itself comes with 2 batteries and a charger, but needs only one battery at a time to get the job done.

  • Does the drill come with screwdriver function?

-Yes, it has multiple settings for screw driving. There is torque setting which you can control, in order to be able to get screw driving done.

  • Can you use a 0.375-inch bit in 0.5-inch drill/driver?

-Of course, you can use it. Just make sure it is well fastened before drilling.

  • Can you use a portable gas generator to charge batteries?

-Yes as long as the generator supplies 120V to the charger base.

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Final Thoughts

The DEWALT DCD791D2 comes packed with many ideal features that make it an ideal product. It does not only make your work easy and gives you great performance, but it also has an amazingly long battery life. It’s LED feature is another awesome feature which helps you work in a dim environment so that you can see what you are drilling easily. We definitely recommend this tool, if you are looking to stack up your tool kit with a good all-around drill.

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