Best BEST DEWALT DCD771C2 Cordless Drill Driver review 2017

Let me introduce the DCD771C2 Drill Driver to you as this mini creature has created a big hype for artisans. It is a kind of tool that many of the pros will want to own it for their work. So if you want something that can satisfy you via its work, then this will be a great choice. This little creature comes with a lot of plus features which make it one of the most ideal tools. Moreover, from its size to performance, DEWALT has given it all to grab all the attention. Thus, I have included all the information to review about the DEWALT DCD771C2 Cordless Drill Driver.


So, this DEWALT DCD771C2 is a compact drill driver that weighs 3.6 pounds. As this is lightweight and compact as well, it gets easier for you to operate the tool relaxingly. Besides its size, another important trait that most of the people look for is its battery technology. So as it is a cordless tool, they have designed the battery so brilliantly that it charges the tool up as faster as possible. Besides it also works longer that you can even use it for hours. So, you might get tired of the job, but this thing will never get tired. However, although ituses a 20 Volts MAX Lithium-ion battery,the output is basically 18Volts.The new slide-style battery contains five cells with 3.6V each and you will get 2 batteries included in the kit as well.


However, the next another important feature is that it has a high-performance motorthat gets your drilling jobs done flawlessly through any material. It delivers 300 unit watts out of power to show its powerful performance. Not only that, it has the torque setting that will let you get screws as tight as you need. Talking about its torque, it also features torque adjustment collar where you will get 16 torque settings to select. So thinking of the convenience and comfort, they have built the tool with a 0.5-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck. It will fit the drill bit tightly and strongly. As this a keyless chuck with one rotating sleeve so you won’t be needing a chuck to change the bit. You also don’t even have to look for the key that bobbles around somewhere while you are working.


Besides, this compact dude has two-speed settings. The tool grabs a minimum rpm of 0-450 whereas1500 rpm for the higher speed under no load condition. Moreover, it also comes with variable speed and a forward/reverse button so that you can control the tool the way you want. The switch also will serve as a lock-off button for you which is another enticing trait of the product. The additional trait about the product is that it featuresaLED light that is attached just above the trigger. And also the handle that they have ergonomically designed so that you can enjoy controlling it.

However, the DCD771C2 is a drill driver kit so you will get two 1.3Ah XR Li-Ion battery packs, 18V XR charger with a bag to carry of course.


So, putting the details in a nutshell:

  • 6 pounds in weight.
  • 5-inch chuck size and it’s keyless.
  • 16 different clutch settings to adjust the amount of torque.
  • 20v lithium ion battery with a power of 300 UWO.
  • Two-speed settings with minimum rpm of 0-450 rpm and maximum rpm of 0-1500.
  • LED light and a forward/reverse button.

Plus points:

  • Lightweight and compact, hence it is easy to operate.
  • Great balance for better control.
  • The battery can quickly charge itself up.
  • Features keyless chuck so that you can change the bits easily.
  • A LED light for a clear visibility.
  • Durable and sturdy enough.

Minus points:

  • Does not come with magnet tray for storing screws.
  • There is no bit holder.
  • The chuck is of poor quality.
  • The battery might deplete after few screws so it limits the use.
  • You might find the ejection of bits annoying.
  • The chuck might loosen up on its own.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does the product come with one or two batteries?

-It comes with two 1.3 Ah batteries.

  • How long can the drill hold a charge when not in use?

-It can hold the charge for weeks in minimum and months in maximum.

  • What comes in the driver kit?

-The DCD771C2 includes 2 batteries, a charger, and a carrying bag.

  • How long does the drill take to charge a battery?

-It depends on the state of discharge.

  • Does it have a battery meter?

-No, it doesn’t have a battery meter.

  • Is it a brushless drill?

-No, DCD771 is a standard “brush” model.

  • Does the drill have a reverse mode?

-Yes, the drill has a reverse mode.

  • Can you use the drill on concrete?

-As this is not a hammer drill, so you cannot use it on concrete.

  • Can it support multiple voltage inputs?

-No, it can’t.

  • What is the voltage of charger?

-The voltage of charger is 110v.

  • Does the drill come with a magnetic tray?

-No, it does not.

  • How do you turn off the light?

-The drill automatically shuts off after a few seconds once you stop using it.

  • Can I use the drill on metal?

-As long as you are using the right bit, you can.

  • Does the drill come with a bag?

-Yes, it comes with a carrying bag.

  • Does the drill include belt clip?

-No, it does not come with a belt clip.


However, DCD771C2 grabbed a lot of attracting features that make it an ideal drill driver. From its weight to its performance it has got all the passing marks to must have it. This drill does not only works super-fast but also the LED light that it features give you a clear vision so that you can do your job neatly and perfectly. And if the battery gets drained, you can charge it fast for operating it again. Thus it indeed is a perfect mate for all the artisans.

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