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Having a great drilling kit in your power tool repertoire is a necessity if you consider yourself a worthy repairman or woodworker around the house. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry because we are here to solve that. Today,on our article, we will be reviewing a much sought-after drill machine: the DCD760KL from DeWalt.

Read and follow through our review if you want to find out what makes the DCD760KL so popular among consumers. Find out if the DCD760KL is really worth your time or money as we break down the product from part to part right now. Let’s start!

The DeWalt DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit at a glance

The DCD760KL from DeWalt is actually a drilling kit. This means you get a very wholesome combination of products in the combo to help you do your job. And moreover, having a complete kit for a retail price so friendly is a point of attraction alone for many custoners. Here’s what the DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit includes:

  • 1x drill driver
  • 2x lithium-ion batteries
  • 1x battery charger, and finally
  • 1x a kit box

Quite a great deal, to be honest. However, the more important thing to consider here is how well the DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit stands up in terms of performance and power. Let’s dive into its main features then.


The DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit, you will be very happy to know, in fully battery-powered. This happens to means that you will not has yards and yards of cords and cables snake-ing around your workspace. We know quite a few people who have chipped a tooth or two tripping on these annoying cords, and we couldn’t be happier that it is gone!

The drill driver itself is a 18-volt machine is an one of the many machines from DeWalt’s 18V range. It furthermore has a 1/2 –inch chuck and 17 clutch settings making it great for a wide range of tasks. Not bad at all, really.


Now, the great thing about this kit is that you don’t get, but 2 lithium-ions batteries. Also known as DC9181, if you ever need a replacement.

These batteries themselves are very lightweight and add almost nothing to the already light drill machine when attached.

Battery charger

If there are batteries, there’s got to be c=something to charge it with as well, right?

And to juice up the 2 lithium-ion batteries, you get a fast charger which is said to top up the cells within 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the charger can accommodate 1 battery at a time only. We therefore advise you to juice up both fully prior to any project, and charge the flat one in the charger while the other works for.


The DCD760KL’s drill driver offers you 2 different speeds.

One from 0 to 500 rpm, and the other from 0 to 1700.

Weight and Size

The DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit is probably as lightweight as they come now. The entire kit weighs just 8.4 pounds in total while the drilling machine weighs just 4 pounds.

The machine is furthermore very compact as well. it measures just 8.2 inches from start to end in length!


The DCD760KL’s drilling machine, as you know already, is very lightweight and equally compact. This makes it very easy to use, and it can furthermore get into those tiny spaces where the large heavy ones just can’t.

The handle is very comfortable to hold since it mirrors the shape you’re your palms. There is also a rubber grip to it so that you have a strong grip on the machine while drilling.

And finally, and probably the best thing of all, is that the DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit includes a hard case to protect and store your machine and its accessories from any damage or getting lost. Makes the kit very portable as well!


And if all these features and functions weren’t enough, the DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit also comes with an amazing warranty deal.

You get a 3-year limited warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year free service contract.


  • The DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit is very lightweight and compact
  • Includes 2 batteries in the purchase
  • Comes with a fast battery charger
  • Offers 2 speeds
  • Is very comfortable to use; has a rubber grip
  • Comes with a case and thus making it very portable
  • Includes some very generous warranty deals


  • The chuck seems to be lose and unstable; drills bits come off easily or wobble during operation
  • Many users complained about faulty batteries which wouldn’t charge easily

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there any light on this drilling machine to help while working in the dark? And do we get any contractor bag with the kit?

Answer: Great question. It does in fact feature an LED light just under the machine’s drill. And no, you don’t get any contactor bag with this kit. You do however get a very nice hard case.

  1. Do we get any security with the batteries of the DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit ?

Answer: The batteries come with a 2-year free service contract on them so you are pretty much covered on that!

Final words

If you are looking for a fuss-free, easy to use and affordable drilling machine to do some great work around your home, then the DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit will probably be able to satisfy you. Although it isn’t anywhere near perfect with its wobbly chuck and faulty batteries, it is still more or less a very reliable product if you are a little patient with it. It is moreover very powerful, compact and furthermore, very affordable. In other words, cut down a few expectations and you’ll enjoy using it. We recommend it.

This concludes our review of the DCD760KL Drill/Driver Kit. We hope this helps you make a better decision. However, we strongly recommend that you look into the product yourself instead of just relying on us. For more details, click the product link. We will see you soon. Good luck!

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