Best DeWalt DC970K-2 Compact Drill/Driver Kit Review 2017


Every quality tool collection starts with a quality drill driver. And if you don’t have one yet, then it’s thank your lucky stars because you are at right place at the right time. Hello and welcome to our article! Today, we will be reviewing the DC970K-2 Compact Drill/Driver Kit from DeWalt for you!

We chose the DC970K-2 Compact Drill/Driver Kit because our readers have been going absolutely crazy over it. You guys wanted to know how good this kit really is, and we will oblige to your demand right now. Let’s start!

First impressions:

You may have already guessed from the title that the DeWalt DC970K-2 is a kit. This means you don’t just get the drilling machine, you get heaps more. Here is the list of things you have in the DC970K-2 Compact Drill/Driver Kit:

  • 1x DC970K-2 drill driver
  • 2x lithium-ion batteries
  • 1x fast charger, and finally
  • 1x contractor bag

We can clearly see why the DC970K-2 is so popular. Who wouldn’t be if they got the whole arsenal for a price so affordable? On the contrary, however, quality and performance matters most at the end of the day. Let’s see if the DC970K-2 kit can measures up to performance as well as it does to price.


You will be very happy to know that the DC970K-2 combo kit is fully battery-powered. You know what this means, right? Yep! No cords to trip and lose a tooth on, no ugly creepers all over the floor and more freedom! We probably couldn’t be any happier.

As for the performance, the drilling machine of the DC970K-2 kit is one of the many contenders in DeWalt’s 18-volt series. It has a high performance motor which makes it great for numerous kinds of fastening and drilling tasks. The machine pulls 1.7 amps, 1.2 Ah and furthermore 380 UWO (units watts out). Oh, and it has a single sleeve, ½ ratcheting chuck which is furthermore keyless for quick and easy attachment. Not bad.


Now, you already know that the DC970K-2 driver runs on batteries, and the great thing is that kit offers you 2!

You get 2 lithium-ion, 18V of course, NiCAD batteries. This is great because you can use the other when the first battery runs out of charge. We advise that you start your work with both batteries fully charged.

Battery charger

Speaking of which, you will of course get a  battery charger for you battery cells.

And the best part about this charger is that is more or less fast. It claims to charge you battery cells within an hour. Keep in mind however that you can only charge 1 battery at a time.

Also note that, according to some users, these may charge fast but they deliver a short in working-time if you compare them with some of DeWalt’s other batteries. Probably not a big deal if your tasks are small and quick, but maybe a problem for project works.. .


Speed is the key point in mastering perfection with drilling. And being able to control it always great if you want some precision in your work.

And the DC970K-2 drilling driver comes with 2 different speed levels to serve the purpose. First speed is from 0 to 450 rpm, and the second one is from 0 to 1500 rpm. For anyone who’s wondering, rpm stands for rotations per minute.

Weight and Dimensions

The DC970K-2 drill diver, the entire kit in fact, is probably as lightweight and compact as they come. Believe us when we say that the drill machine weighs just 4.7 pounds! This means you can be using it for a good span of time without experiencing any fatigue or cramps. Great news.

As for dimensions, the machines measures just 9 inches in length from head to back. Not bad at all really. Great for getting into those itsy bitsy working spaces where the large machines just can’t.

User comfort

We all know how easy and comfortable DeWalt power tools are by now, and the DC970K-2 kit is definitely no exception to the company’s streak.

The DC970K-2, apart from being ridiculously lightweight and compact, is further very comfortable to use due to its design and construction. And the handle is where most of the focus is. The handle has a rubber grip for safe adhesion during working. This also helps to, almost, cushion the fingers. As for the construction, the handle seems to echo the shape of your palms so it fits right in like a glove.

However, many users have complained that the machine itself felt “cheaply made” and was rather very flimsy.

And finally, to furthermore maximize the appeal to the DC970K-2, you also get a very useful and handy contractor bag to store the DC970K-2 kit in. This keeps the parts safe from damage, safe from kids, and safe from getting lost. Having the contractor bag also makes the entire kit very portable.


  • The DC970K-2 kit is very compact and lightweight
  • Is comfortable and easy to use
  • Includes 2 batteries
  • Comes with a fast charger
  • Includes a contractor’s bag in the purchase
  • Comes with a very attractive warranty


  • The batteries don’t seem to hold charge
  • Made with poor quality materials
  • The drill bits tend to wobble

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What’s the news on the warranty with the DC970K-2 kit?

Answer: thanks for bringing it up. The warranty deals you get with the DC970K-2 are pretty awesome.

First, you have the standard DeWalt’s 3-year limited warranty on the whole kit. Second, you and 1-year free service contract and finally, you get a 90-day money back guarantee. Very generous with their after-sales deals!

  1. What is the weight of the drilling machine with the battery inserted?

Answer: Right about 5.2 pounds.






Okay, so! We are done with investigating the DC970K-2 kit and if there’s any thing we’d to say its that it is an “okay” product. Just okay. Let’s face it: there’s absolutely nothing too oomph-y about it. There are heaps of problems in the operation, mainly the batteries, and we just can’t deal with it. Although there are many more advantages to the DC970K-2, they are just not good enough to shadow the flaws. And yes, it is affordable, but yet again, for that price, we expected more from DeWalt. In conclusion, we don’t recommend the DC970K-2  kit.

This concludes our review of the DC970K-2. We hope you picked some good stuff from it. Fore more details however, you can click on the product link. Until next time!




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