Best Commercial Pressure Washers

Designed for daily use, commercial pressure washers should be made of higher quality material than standard washers. Though there are thousands of options available, features such as engine, pump capacity, and safety set certain brands above the rest. In this article, we have reviewed ten of the best commercial power washers currently on the market. Also, we will give you an idea of what features you should be looking for and what about those features you should be considering before making your purchase.

Top 10 Best Rated Commercial Pressure Washers

Features like the type of engine, the quality of materials used to make the unit, type of hose and types of connections are what make commercial washers different from non-commercial washers. Other components that should be considered include the pump capacity, safety features, nozzle, tire types, and the maintenance needs. The refund policy also comes into play. Understanding how and what to look for will help you determine if the cost is as effective as the unit itself.

Pressure Pro-E4040HC Heavy Duty-Professional 4,000 PSI 4.0

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With a thirteen horsepower Honda Engine, this washer has a powerful engine that is surprisingly quiet when both started and running. Both the gun and the wand are insulated and have quick-access to the 5 connecting nozzles. The 50-foot hose is steel re-enforced and the unit itself is made of aircraft grade aluminum.

Both the dual handles and pneumatic tires give this unit functioning portability. The pressure unloader is adjustable to suit the specifications of each of the five nozzles. Because of the adjustability, the washer can be safely used either at home or on the job site, and, at the highest capacity, is capable of stripping paint. There is a mesh inlet filter that provides protection to the engine from any debris encountered during use.


  • Safety features include a low-oil automated shutdown and a thermal-sensor which detects the potential of any overheating when the unit is in bypass mode.
  • Upon purchase, the unit is both assembled and tested in the United States and arrives fully put together on your doorstep.
  • The washer is also CARB compliant and comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty


  • Because the pump is larger than in other units, it tends to run slower.
  • The unit runs best when it is going for several hours a day and does show some difference when it is run for a smaller amount of time.
  • To store the hose, the owner will need to either put on their own sprayer hanger or use an external hanger since the unit does not come with one.

SIMPSON Cleaning-PS3835 3800 PSI at 3.5 G.P.M Gas Pressure

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The SIMPSON washer is made almost entirely of steel yet is compact and portable. With a welded steel frame, engine plate, and axle, the unit has a HONDA GX270 OHV engine. Because this engine is commercial grade, the washer has more power and capability to produce higher pressure.

Supported by 13-inch pneumatic tires, the product uses a AAA plunger pump which is not only a triplex but is also industrial grade. The pump is equipped with ceramic pistons and features the manufacturer’s own patent-pending Power Boost technology. Each unit comes with 5 quick-connect tips and an additional soap applicator tip.

SIMPSON guarantees up to 3 years on its HONDA engine and another 5 years on the AAA pump. The frame is under warranty for 1 year and the spray accessories for 90 days.


  • Safety features include a secondary handle and built in quick-access instructions for operating the unit.
  • The steel hose is kink and abrasion resistant as it is non-marring.
  • This power washer uses a special downstream injection system so detergent and cleaners stay well away from the operator.


  • Several consumers have expressed issues with the pump going out shortly after the warranty ends. In numerous cases, the pump expelled hot oil.
  • For other folks, SIMPSON was either difficult to contact regarding warranty issues or the warranty proved to not cover as much as it stated and was subject to fine-line print.
  • Since the nozzle and the tips are not made of higher quality materials, there are also several consumer complaints of both breaking without a way to replace or fix them.

Best Commercial Hot Water Pressure: washerGenerac 6564 3,800

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This Generac heavy duty washer uses a 302cc OHV engine that has a horizontal-shaft engine in order to fit the design of the unit. The triplex pump is professional grade and their balanced placement aids in the washer’s portability. The 3-inch by 10-inch wheels are Never Flat brand to function on any terrain.

The spray gun has a cushion-grip handle that reduces the unit’s tendency for heavy vibrations. The spray trigger is easy-to-pull and the 5 nozzle tips are quick-clip. With handles on the side of the 24-inch gun being adjustable, there is more maneuverability for different projects. To allow for quick and compatible storage, the unit has a fold-down handle. There is a separate Siphoned Hose for cleaners and detergents, and the main 35-foot hose is made of steel and polyurethane.

There are specific instructions for starting the engine that, when not followed correctly, can cause serious and permanent harm to the unit’s engine and pump.


  • Safety features of this washer include a low-oil detection and automatic shutdown.
  • Not only are the tires Never Flat, but they are also over-sized to accommodate the weight of the unit.
  • The Triplex pump is Pro-grade and lasts four times longer than other brands.
  • The unit comes with a 3-year limited warranty that covers the engine, pump, hose, and some accessories.


  • The sprayer and the accessories are made of low-grade plastic making them fragile and easily damaged as well as causing issues between the connection of the wand to the hose.
  • Because the unit is gas powered and as large as it is, it is incredibly loud and tends to rattle and vibrate excessively.
  • Unfortunately, the unit is not CARB compliant and cannot be sold in California.

Best Commercial Electric Pressure washer: YAMAHA-3000 PSI 2.8 G.P.M Pre

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The YAMAHA arrives at your door unassembled but with easy assembly directions. The YAMAHA OHV engine is a 192cc 4-stroke and is air-cooled. Equipped with steel axels and wheels, the unit also has a Triplex CAT Pump that is made of brass. Instead of having separate nozzles, the YAMAHA has a 5-in-1 nozzle that automatically adjusts the pressure to best suit each of the nozzle types.

Unlike some units, the washer has a low-pressure option of only 800 PSI. The Never Flat and oversized tires easily access any terrain, and the manufacturer ships both Fuel Med RX and Yamalube engine oil with the product. Oil changes are made easy on this product with the manufacturer’s personal design. The hose is steel braided and there is a detergent tank built in to the unit. A folding handle allows for the unit to be easily stored.


  • Safety features of the unit include an automated idle-down feature which not only reduces noise but also fuel consumption preserving the life of the engine.
  • The unit uses the 5-in-1 nozzle, folks do not have to worry about adjusting the pressure to prevent causing damage to the unit because of improper use.
  • Automatically shut off the unit when low oil is detected.
  • The connectors and hose fittings are corrosion resistant and there is a rubber protective
  • The manufacturers offer both a 3-year factory limited warranty as well as an extended service option.


  • Because the engine is custom made, it must be serviced by Yamaha or it will incur serious damage. Because it is self-assembled, if put together incorrectly, damage that is not covered by the warranty can occur.

Generac-6565 4,200 PSI 4.0 G.P.M 420cc OHV

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The Generac OHV 420cc engine makes this unit very powerful with high pressure capabilities. Designed with longevity in mind, the unit also has a welded frame and a built-in start step. The gun holster supports the pro-style sprayer which also has an easy-pull trigger. This unit has the pump raised off the ground for easier access.

The Triplex pump is pro-grade quality and boasts a 4-time longer life span than other pumps. The 5 quick-clip tips attach easily to the nozzle, which is connected to a 50-foot steel braided hose. The pneumatic tires are over-sized and made to both navigate on any terrain as well as absorb shock.


  • Automatically shuts down the washer.
  • The pneumatic tires and welded cage increase the life of both the engine and pump, and the pump’s higher location also decreases the amount of debris that can damage it.
  • The unit has a special safety start feature where the pressure in the hose must be released before the unit will start.
  • Comes with a limited three-year warranty that is very particular as to what is under warranty and what is not as well as specific times for each piece on the unit.


  • Because the wand is long and is made of lower-grade plastic, it is fragile, and several consumers have complained that it broke within the first few months of use. If the unit is not started exactly as the instructions say, it can cause damage to the engine or the pump which can be permanent and is not covered by the warranty.

PowerBoss 20649 Gas-Powered Pressure

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Equipped with a HONDA GC190 187cc engine, this power washer can deliver up to 3100 PSI. The 25-foot hose is copper braided. Maintenance free, the axial pump is also easy to operate with its Easy Start technology. A separate detergent tank is available to hold 1-gallon of either detergent or cleaner. Four connecting tips come with the unit to attach to the professional-style sprayer.

What sets this power washer apart from others is the 15-degree spray capabilities. With settings from 0 to 15, the stream concentration can either be extremely high and clean concrete or asphalt well or be extremely low and work well for soap application to your car or other delicate surfaces. The unit also comes complete with a wand and is sold with engine oil. Supporting the metal frame are two 10-inch pneumatic wheels.

The entire unit has a limited residential warranty of 24 months and a limited 3-month warranty for commercial use.


  • The oversize pneumatic wheels which ensure traction control over any terrain.
  • Easy start function is safe and easy to use
  • Compact design, the easy 4-nozzle attachable wand prevents unnecessary wear and tear when switching tips.
  • The 15-degree settings help the consumer use the correct PSI settings.


  • Consistently reported oil and fuel leaks either as soon as the unit was purchased or as the unit aged.
  • The warranty also can be easily voided if not followed exactly especially when purchased for commercial use.
  • The low-quality metal frame is subject to damage, and the unit makes an excessive amount of noise and vibrations.

SIMPSON Cleaning-MSH3125-S 3100-PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas

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A more compact unit than several others listed, this power washer is small but comes with several features. The HONDA GC190 engine can support up to 3100 PSI. With a professional sprayer and wand, the 5 nozzle tips can accommodate cleaning at 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, and 40 degrees.

Welded steel creates the solid frame which is supported by two over-sized 10-inch pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering over a variety of terrains and surfaces. The unit’s 25-foot MorFlex hose is both abrasion and kink resistant as well as lightweight and non-marring. This is a gas-powered unit and the washer comes with oil and is already assembled upon delivery. The unit also has its own storage for its accessories, the hose, and the spray gun/wand.


  • The spray gun on the product has a special safety lock-out feature.
  • The frame is architecturally designed to protect both the pump and engine yet still be easily portable.
  • The M22 connectors give extra safety when dealing with the hose and wand.
  • Backed by a 2-year consumer warranty for both commercial and residential uses, the unit also offers a 1-year limited warranty for the pump and a 5-year limited warranty on the steel frame.


  • Consumers have posted problems with the unit starting and then turning suddenly off.
  • Other folks complained that because of the poor quality of the tube, it sprang leaks or dripped water repeatedly.
  • Several had to replace the hose more than once at their own expense, as the hose is not fully guaranteed by the warranty.

Others were extremely disappointed with the warranty department and had to wait extended periods of time to receive refunds for repairs or get in contact with the company.

Campbell Hausfeld Gas-Powered Pressure-Washer, 3400 PSI, 2.5

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The Campbell pressure washer is one of the few that offers up to 3400 PSI. The steel frame is welded for strength and has a special powder coating for long-lasting durability. The 50-foot hose connects to a professional grade sprayer and wand. Five different nozzles, an extra hose for detergent/cleaner and a special detergent/cleaner filter are all quick-change accessible.

The trigger on the sprayer is a Locking Trigger which prevents the trigger from accidently being pulled. Using a CH270 Kohler engine, the piston pump is Tri-plex and manufactured to produce optimal pressure. The unit is designed to be portable with 10-inch oversized pneumatic wheels. Despite the steel frame, the unit is extremely lightweight. Manufacturers highly recommend this unit for heavy duty jobs more than for everyday household use.


  • Safety features for this unit include the Locking Trigger Gun which can prevent fatigue or potential harm to the user.
  • The pneumatic wheels make the unit easily portable on several terrains.
  • The 50-foot hose is made with commercial grade materials to support the high PSI rate.
  • The detergent filter protects against unnecessary messes and spills.
  • The steel welded frame protects both the pump and the engine.


  •  light-weight design and require that the you to be gentler compared to other products.
  • Most of the unit is created with plastic that has shown to severely degrade over time.
  • Several of the unit’s accessories break easily and this is an unfortunately valid reason for the voiding of the company’s warranty.

There are several discrepancies in the already short 90-day warranty that cause typical problems with this product to immediately void the warranty. The warranty also does not cover most of the typical items that other warranties do, such as the hose.

Shark SGP-353037-3,000 PSI 3.5 GPM Honda Gas-Powered

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One of the more expensive units on the market, the Shark pressure washer is both gas powered and diesel heated. Designed as a commercial washer, this unit is built with all commercial grade materials from the steel to the plastic components. The steel-welded frame cart is supported by steel chassis and has a special powder finish to guard against wear and tear. Supported by four oversized pneumatic wheels, the unit is portable despite its larger size.


  • This pressure washer uses a powerful Triplex Plunger pump.
  • The 50-foot rubber hose connects to the professional spray gun wand and comes with five quick-connect tips.
  • Comes with a special heating coil that is run by the diesel portion.
  • The burner fuel tank holds up to .6 quarts and the temperature control is easily adjustable.


  • One of the most expensive washers on the market.
  • At nearly 550 pounds, it is not as portable as several of the other units.
  • bulky frame making storage more difficult.

Because of the design of the unit, it is not well equipped to handle smaller jobs and can cause damage. Instead, this unit is limited to heavy duty jobs. The unit needs to be mounted to a truck to function at maximum potential.

Karcher G3000OH Gas-Power Pressure Washer, Honda

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All Karcher brand products come with a guarantee of both being clean, quick, and only using top reliable parts. This pressure washer has a HONDA GC190 engine. The frame is made of welded steel and is supported by two oversized 10-inch pneumatic tires, each having metal wheels.

The pump is patented commercial grade and is also maintenance-free as well as a brass head. There is both a normal 25’ hose and a detergent siphon hose. Five quick-connect nozzles provide 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and 65 degrees of cleaning capabilities. The unit has built-in storage for the hose and accessories and comes with engine oil.


  • High-quality materials used to make the product ensure safety from leaks, drips, and other common issues.
  • The unit comes with two limited warranties. The HONDA engine has its own 2-year limited warranty and the unit is backed by its own 2-year warranty.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • The unit is also energy and fuel efficient and uses less fuel than several other units.


  • Not easily portable.
  • Reported oil spilling out of the oil cap. The unit has a great deal of vibrations from the engine which can make the bolts come loose on the frame.

Other consumers complain that after a long stretch of use, the engine locks up and the unit must be left to fully cool before being used again. Customer service for Karcher is easy to reach but the time between receiving proper assistance or being reimbursed for repair charges is excessive.

What You Should Consider When Buying Pressure Washers


CETA, or the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association has a methodology called GPM for calculating various ratings of performance of pressure washers. When searching for a washer, consulting the CETA rating will provide the best determination of overall performance. A GPM rating of 3.8 earns a product the CETA certification.

Other performance indicators are UL or Underwriters Laboratories and CSA also known as Canadian Standards Association. These two organizations are not as common as CETA but they offer both performance and safety ratings for units.

Cleaning consultants can also be found in most cities and offer advice on performance of units. Several of these individuals have the products in their possession and will give demonstrations of the strengths and weaknesses of the unit as well as help you determine which unit will be best suited for your needs.

Level of Maintenance Required

All pressure washers need routine maintenance that will vary depending on the time of year and how long it has been since the unit was last used. Different types of maintenance should be done before using the unit, after using the unit, and during long periods when the unit is not being used at all. Oil changes are one of the most needed forms of maintenance for both the engine and the pump.

Seals around the pump and valves should also be checked regularly. If the unit is self-heating, coils should be checked regularly. Hoses that are too old or have slight damage or cracks should be replaced as they are a safety hazard. The more the unit is used, the more maintenance it will need.


Most pressure washers come with their own nozzle attachments whether they are quick-change manually or quick-change within a single nozzle attachment. These nozzles are used for specific purposes and often function best at specified PSIs. Nozzles are also color-coded to help you identify the PSI. The more focused the nozzle, the more pressure and damage this nozzle can do.

Nozzles are usually not covered by warranties. Be sure that when you buy either replacements or extra tips that they properly fit the spray gun. It is safest to purchase from the same manufacturer and confirm with them that the nozzle will fit. Buying nozzles that do not fit can result in damage to the washer and/or to the object(s) being washed.

Pump Capacity

Pressure washers generally come with one of the two types of pumps – reciprocating or normal rotary. Reciprocating pumps must use either a diaphragm, piston, or a plunger whereas normal rotary pump uses gears, lobes, screws, or vanes. Both types of pumps can create high pressure.

Depending on the manufacturer, the pump can either be a wobble, an axial, or a triplex plunger. An axial plunger tends to have a shorter life span of around 200-400 working hours whereas a wobble’s life span is closer to 500-800 hours. A triplex pump has the longest life span of all three and will often last 10x longer. Axial plungers cause stronger vibrations. Wobble plungers take a longer time to cool, and triplex plungers have the highest cost.

Tire Types

Pneumatic tires are the most popular types of tires for pressure washers for a good reason. These tires withstand and help absorb the shock of different terrains. Not all pneumatic tires are created equal however, as the way in which they are attached to the frame and the material will impact the tire’s effectiveness.

The tire size is not always important, but rather how they are built in relation to the unit itself. Those tires which are oversized will generally hold the frame better. The positioning of both the engine and the pump can impact the effectiveness of the tires and usually require that the tires be larger than normal, to hold the unit steadily.

Other Key Considerations

Cost- Electric power washers run at a lower cost than gas-powered pressure washers by nearly $200-$300. Electric power washers can range between $300 to $2500 approximately, depending on the pump and engine types. Gas-powered washers on the other hand can run between $800 to above $6,000, depending on the pump and engine.

Refund Policy- Warranty and refund policies are important red flags to look out for. While at first glance, many companies appear to offer some sort of limited warranty, upon reading the fine print, consumers find that the warranty is easily voided. Often, the voiding occurs by simple everyday user errors. There are also different terms and conditions for commercial use versus non-commercial use washers, and frequently you can find a different warranty for commercial use that is more limited compared to non-commercial warranty. It is important to check refund policies with both the manufacturer and the distributor and make sure you fully understand your warranty terms.

Final Thoughts

A pressure washer should be purchased only after considering the job at hand as well as your specific needs. The highest PSI delivery may be inappropriate for your particular needs and might cause harm if not fitted well for the job at hand. At the same time, those units which do not deliver enough PSI will be a waste of money as it will not get your work done. Take time to figure out what you will use the washer for, follow reviews and you will not be disappointed. Also, be sure to always review the warranty and refund issues, so that you stay covered in most cases of malfunction.

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