Review of the DeWalt DCK240C2 Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit

Lately our readers have been pouring in requests for reviews of some quality drill drivers, and the names and number of requests was nothing overwhelming. Therefore, we let you decide, and put the majority as our priority. This consequently brings us to the drill machine, which we probably have received the most requests for. It is the DCK240C2 Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit from DeWalt, and that’s what we’ll review today.

The DeWalt DCK240C2 Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit is one of the most popular drills online. And we want to find out why people are flocking to it. It is just a made-up hype, or is there really something substantial to this machine? If you want to find out, then continue reading our review of the DCK240C2 Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit

First impressions:  the DeWalt DCK240C2 Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit

The reason why we think many people are going gaga over this machine is probably because it doesn’t come alone. Yes, it is a combo set or kit if you have missed the title. Here is a list of things you get within the DeWalt DCK240C2 Drill Driver:

  • 1 pc DCF885 Impact driver
  • 1 pc DCD771 drill/driver
  • 2 pcs lithium-ion batteries
  • 1 pc battery charger, and finally
  • 1 pc contactor bag

What makes this deal so appealing is that you get all of the above for a retail price so affordable and within-reach. You are getting 2 drivers for god’s sake! It clearly comes with the complete solution for your home and general drilling services. However, quantity doesn’t always mean quality so let’s see if its quality can meet your standards at the end of the day.

The drill drivers

First, let’s start with the DCF885 Impact driver. This driver right here can do everything your ordinary impact drivers can do, only better and more precisely. It offers you single-handed loading to make sure that you are never wasting a second during your work. This driver furthermore offers a ¼-inch chuck that accepts 1-inch bit tips. Great for drilling down the smaller and more complex drill holes around the house.

Next, we have the DCD771 drill/driver where we have nothing much to say about it. It does what most drill divers do, but with DeWalt precision and result.


The best thing about having the DCK240C2 combo kit is that is entirely battery-powered. This obviously means no cables, no cords, no wires, no tripping and chipping of tooth. These sorts of kits are much more convenient and easy to easy, even for a newbie.

The DCK240C2 consists of the DCF885 Impact driver and the DCD771 drill/driver, and are a part of range company’s 20-volt drivers’ range. The DCD771 drill/driver uses a very high-performance and powerful motor which has a UWO (unit watts output) of 300 watts. While the impact driver, DCF885, is equally ready for challenging jobs.


You already know by now that both the drivers are battery-powered. The purchase includes 2 counts of 20-volt (MAX) lithium-ion batteries which have an Ah of 1.3.

The great thing however is that you can use any 20V battery, most preferably from DeWalt, to run the 2 driver, but they claim that any 20V battery should comply with the drills just fine. That is really convenient!

Battery charger

Now, if there are batteries, there has to be a charger for them too, right?

The DCK240C2 combo kit also includes a battery charger for the 2 batteries that it comes with. It is a 20V battery charger, duh, and it tops up the batteries quickly.


The secret to precise drilling is control. And that’s where speeds comes with.

The impact driver does not offer any speed because.. . .you don’t need it. However, the drill driver comes with 2 different speed settings. One is from 0 to 450 rpm, and the other is from 0 to 1500 rpm. Rpm (rotations per minute) is a measure of speed for machine which use a component that spin… . for anyone who’s wondering out there.


We cannot stress enough on how comfortable the DCK240C2 combo kit is to use! Anyone can use it, and we are not exaggerating.

First, the drivers, both of them, are air light! They can’t get any more lightweight than this. The entire kit weighs just 9 pounds! This means no fatigue and you can go on using it for longer periods. Next, they are very compact which thus enables them to fit into most tight spots.

And to add to that, the impact driver features 3-point LED lights which is always great for those dark and unfavorable places where you need torchlight to do some drilling.

Both the drills are very comfortable to hold and take up a shape that mirrors the shapes of your palms. And the rubber grips are always helping!

And finally, the DCK240C2 kit comes with a neat contactor bag which is excellent for safe and easy storage. The bag makes the entire kit very portable since you can now carry it around with you.


And finally, the DCK240C2 combo kit seals the deal with the standard DeWalt limited warranty of 3-years!


  • The DCK240C2 combo kit includes 2 different drivers: the DCF885 Impact and the DCD771 drill/driver
  • Is very lightweight and compact
  • Offers 2 speeds for the drill driver
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Impact driver has 3 LED lights
  • Comes with 2 batteries however the driver can operate on any 20V batteries
  • Includes a fats charger
  • Comes with a contractor bag
  • Includes a limited 3-year warranty with purchase


  • The batteries life decreases drastically after a month of 2 of normal use
  • Many users recall smelling a burnt smell and there were furthermore complaints of smoking

Our FAQs

  1. Does the driver come with any belt clip?

Answer: Yes, it does in fact come with 1 belt clip for the impact driver only.

  1. Do the lights turn on every time the drill is on?

Answer: There is actually a trigger you have to pull in order to get them lit. This way the lights are only on when you need them.

Final words

If you are looking for a drilling kit for your home, then the DeWalt DCK240C2 just might do it for you. While the report on its batteries is a tad bit disappointing, we couldn’t help but still like this kit due to its many advantages. It is compact, effective and probably more value for money than its buying price. In conclusion, we recommend it!

This ends our DCK240C2 review however doesn’t forget to do your own part of the research. For furthermore details, click on the product link. Good luck!