Our Top 25 DIY Blogs For 2017

Whether we look to touch up our breakfast niche, simple kitchen turnover or an entire home renovation, home makeovers are always a project that involves several people. Even though we may actually do the work ourselves, we tell people about our plans, so that we can get some advice and another’s opinion, before we commit […]

10 Awesome DIY Projects

Lately, Do-it-yourself home improvement projects have become very popular. Even though the concept is not new at all (people have been doing it for decades), DIY projects have become very exciting. With so many online websites and blogs giving you great ideas, how wouldn’t they? Great for either a nice hobby, or some great together-family […]

15 Awesome DIY Projects For Men

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects have been an “in” thing nowadays. Although the concept is not at all new because a lot of people have been doing it even decades ago, DIY projects have never been as exciting as it is now because of the various ways that you can do it as suggested in so […]

Top 12 Handyman Service Blogs

Handyman blogs are getting super popular these days as a means of getting things done by yourself and raising awareness for different home improvement issues. In order to recommend you with the best blogs and handyman services out there, we did a ton of research. Our selection criteria included: topic-related content, new content frequency, and […]