15 Awesome DIY Projects For Men

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects have been an “in” thing nowadays. Although the concept is not at all new because a lot of people have been doing it even decades ago, DIY projects have never been as exciting as it is now because of the various ways that you can do it as suggested in so many sites online. These projects may not only be a form of hobby and a source of enjoyment, but it may also be a good bonding activity for the entire family. Who said that you need to shell out money in hiring contractors to spruce up your home?
Here are 15 delightful DIY projects for men that you may want to try.

Room makeover

Give your bedroom a new look by re-painting it. If you have not chosen a new color scheme for your room, get ideas on magazines and DIY websites. Choose colors that can define your personality and that would blend well with the color of your furniture.
Most bedrooms nowadays use neutral color tones such as gray, black and white. One of the advantages of choosing a minimalist style is that it can blend perfectly with any color so you won’t have to worry whether your furniture will fit or not. However, if you wish to give your room more character, you may choose bright colors like orange and yellow or warm colors like blue and green.
Source: http://www.bhg.com/decorating/do-it-yourself/room/

Shelves for your books

Making bookshelves are easy. If you are tired of seeing your books lying around, take better care of them by storing them on a shelf that is custom-made. You may use pieces of wood and attach it together. Choose the area where the shelf will be placed and take the necessary measurements. Follow these measurements as you build the shelves and paint it according to whatever style you want. Another smart idea would be floating shelves that you may do by installing bookends on the wall.
Source: https://morningchores.com/diy-bookshelf/)

Repaint an old cabinet

Instead of throwing it away or selling it, make that old cabinet your new project. You may look at designs online or pictures from home improvement magazines. Unleash the artist in you and be creative. You can paint it in plain colors or you can use a pattern. Make it your own canvass. However, consider the area where the cabinet will be placed before repainting it. Make sure that you will choose a design that will go well with the color of the room.
Source: http://www.hgtv.com/remodel/kitchen-remodel/repainting-kitchen-cabinets

Picture display

Immortalize those memories and put it on a wall in your house. You don’t have to buy picture frames because you can do it on your own. If you want a simple but smart way to display photos, use a string and wooden clips. If you have old picture frames at home, you may repaint these too or dismantle the entire thing and mix it with other materials.
Source http://homesthetics.net/45-creative-diy-photo-display-wall-art-ideas/

Ceiling fans

These are nice additions to practically any abode. They slash costs of air conditioning. Such additions drive down heating expenses as they circulate warm air, directing it away from the house ceiling. A typical fan is worth roughly $50 while something fancier costs about $150.
Source http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/skills-and-know-how/electrical-and-wiring/how-to-replace-a-light-fixture-with-a-ceiling-fan

Window treatments

Cheap paper shades, horizontal aluminum blinds, and vertical plastic blinds add nothing to a home’s value. It makes more sense to replace them with wooden blinds, attractive drapes or plantation shutters as these make a more tasteful and striking statement.
Source: http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/topics/window-treatments

Crown molding

Although fairly simple, this gives the home plenty of character. Molding is basically decorative wood strips from home improvement stores. Purchase molding. The store or you can do the cutting – just be sure it ends up the right size for the room. Attach the piece to a wall’s top portion using a nail gun. The molding also comes in painted varieties. The latest craze is the pre-cut flexible crown molding, which can be installed in a matter of hours.
Source: http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/skills-and-know-how/carpentry-and-woodworking/how-to-hang-crown-molding

Fixture updating

Curtain rods, doorknobs, switch plates, light fixtures and outlet covers start looking old after a while and tend to be overlooked. The good news is a few dollars will transform these lack-luster pieces into inspired creations. Outlet covers and metal switch plates appear expensive but only cost under $5 each. Pretty curtain rods and light fixtures are slightly pricier; however, they are worth it.
Source: http://www.refinedroomsllc.com/update-light-fixtures/

New front doors

A standard steel front door is priced approximately $100. For just an additional $100 or $200, you can have a door that is loaded with character and improves the overall appeal of the house. If a new door is not doable, repainting the old one with a nice color will work too.
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/front-door-makeover/


For big DIY initiatives, you may build a shed on your outside. You will require a hard and fast of shed thoughts to realize the way to placed up one. These plans ought to tell you the whole thing you want in materials and tools along with full dimensions of all of the diverse parts of the constructing.
Sheds are one of the extra beneficial initiatives you may build for yourself. They can be used for a tool shed, workshop, or garage for out of doors toys. The sheds hold the muddle out of the backyard or garage.
Source: https://morningchores.com/shed-plans/


For a small project that is simple to do, you may choose ornaments like those that go on a Christmas tree. Plans can be found for these or you can draw your own. Some of them are quite intricately made with the use of a scroll saw. Small ornaments to large pictures can be made with this type of saw. Ornaments are the perfect project to learn a scroll saw. Other types of tools could also be used though in making ornaments.
Source: http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/topics/christmas-ornaments


Pieces of furniture are often made as DIY projects. The plans for these are not quite as complicated as building the shed mentioned above, this means the pieces often take less time, but this depends on what they are. China cabinets can get a bit involved.
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/diy-furniture-projects/

Keepsake Box

Another project that is easier to build than those using shed plans is a keepsake box. This box is to keep items in that are precious to the owner. Boxes like these make great gifts to give to people. You can make them large or small. Decorate carving can be done on these if you have the skill.
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/keepsake-boxes/

Building a Deck

Now, for a first-rate assignment, you could build a deck onto the residence. this can be a new one within the occasion you do no longer have one already or it is able to be replacing the only this is sporting out. Make certain any deck is adequately attached to the residence. Many plans are to be had to show you the way to make the correct deck for your style of the house.
Source: http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/outdoors/landscaping/how-to-build-a-backyard-deck


Birdhouses can be whimsical, creative or very simple and basic. Many styles of these are just thought up by people. You can also design your own from a variety of things including wood, metal, old bottle caps and more. Plans can be purchased as with the shed plans or you can draw out your own.
Source: https://morningchores.com/bird-house-plans/

To conclude, these are just some of the DIY projects. Many others exist for you to choose from, it just depends on what you want or needs to make. If you take pleasure in working with your hands, start planning your next project today. 


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